I'm a former insomniac with a wanderlust

Hi there, I'm Meredith!

I had insomnia for over 12 years. Falling asleep has never been easy for me. Every night for as long as I can remember, I laid in bed for hours unable to physically fall asleep. Why? My mind wouldn't give me a break! Constantly thinking about literally everything...things I have to do tomorrow, replaying my every move from the previous day over and over again in my head, envisioning what I could've done better, how I could've said something differently, and worrying about or anticipating the future. Does this sound like you? 

Heal Insomnia from Within was created after I finally overcame insomnia for myself.

After over a decade of sleep struggles, I finally developed an effective strategy for regaining the ability to fall asleep easily, quickly, and consistently, using the fundamental understandings of how the brain actually works.

What I've realized is this: All sleep-aid products on the market are aimed at treating the symptom (insomnia), and don't actually create lasting, permanent change in the brain. 

Now, I'm committed to help people around the world overcome insomnia without sleeping pills, sleep supplements, or anything else. You can say goodbye to sleepless nights all on your own!

Check out my blog for the best sleep tips to help get you on the right path to saying goodnight to insomnia. I'm so glad to have you on this journey!




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